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Which is better ceramic cup or paper cup?

March 18, 2022

There are various kinds of cups for daily drinking, which are mainly reflected in the different materials. Common ones are glass, paper cup, etc. When we choose, we usually choose according to our personal preferences, while some people choose according to their own health status. So, which is better, ceramic cup or paper cup?

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1. Ceramic cup is environmentally friendly, durable and practical. It is the crystallization of water, fire and soil. Good raw materials, combined with the power of nature and human science and technology, have created essential daily necessities in our life. The invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization. The raw material of ceramic cup is mud, not rare metals. It will not waste our living resources, pollute the environment, destroy resources and be harmless. Choosing ceramic cups not only improves the popularity of the company, but also reflects the awareness of environmental protection and the care and protection of our living environment.

2. Ceramic cups are economical and practical. They are easier to save costs than disposable paper cups and are more hygienic than paper cups to a certain extent. In our daily life, ceramics can be seen everywhere in offices, restaurants and coffee shops. No matter what style and workmanship is more exquisite and fashionable, what kind of cup you use also reflects a person's taste in life.

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