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Selection and precautions of children's ceramic tableware

March 17, 2022

Parents are dazzled to see a wide range of children's tableware on the market. Everyone will choose beautiful and personalized tableware according to their own aesthetics. They should choose tableware suitable for children according to their physiological characteristics. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing children's ceramic tableware?

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1. Pay attention to the brand of children's ceramic tableware to ensure that the materials and pigments are pure, safe and non-toxic.

2. It should reflect the characteristics of the baby, be small and chic, practical and convenient, and the design should be humanized, round and scratch resistant; Leak proof, sanitary and easy to carry.

3. Choose tableware that is not easy to embrittlement, aging, falling, collision resistance and burr during friction.

4. Choose vessels without painted patterns instead of painted tableware.

5. Try not to use plastic tableware to avoid holding exothermic food.

6. Place tableware separately from adult tableware in time to avoid breeding of bacteria.

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