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How to buy new bone china tableware?

March 17, 2022

The price of light porcelain is relatively low and the content of heavy metals is relatively high. New bone china does not contain bone powder and chemical raw materials, so the price is relatively low. However, how can we buy new bone china tableware?

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1. Look at the appearance: the color of Bone China is ivory white. When selecting, you can hold it in your hand and observe its air permeability under the light to see whether the new bone china tableware is meticulous. Good bone china tableware has good transparency, uniformity and no impurities.

2. Listen to the sound: play with the edge of bone china tableware and listen to its sound. The sound of high-quality bone china echoes like a bell. The longer the echo, the better the quality of tableware.

3. Find out: the bottom of the tableware with fine workmanship needs to be polished twice, so the smoothness of the bottom is also a test of the tableware manufacturing process.

4. Hardness measurement: the weight of new bone china tableware is light, which will give people a very fragile feeling. In fact, the hardness of new bone china is much higher than that of ordinary ceramics.

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