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Internal characteristics of Bone China

March 16, 2022

Tableware is an indispensable item in our daily life, and there are many materials of tableware. Nowadays, new bone china tableware has become people's favorite. It has elegant ivory color and bright color. It will be more delicious with food. So, what are the main internal properties of bone porcelain?

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1. Mechanical strength

Although bone porcelain belongs to the category of soft porcelain, its mechanical strength is not low. Among traditional ceramics, it belongs to high-strength ceramics, with bending strength of 120-160mpa, which is 30-50% higher than that of general traditional ceramics of 80-120MPa.

2. Heat resistance

The thermal stability of traditional bone porcelain is poor, generally around 160 ℃, because its main crystal phase is long columnar, high expansion coefficient and large anisotropy. Although some experts use zirconia toughening to improve the thermal stability of bone porcelain, this technology has not been well applied to products in the domestic market, and most products have poor thermal stability.

3. Glaze hardness

Bone China adopts frit glaze with low firing temperature (1050-1150 ℃), so the glaze hardness is lower than that of ordinary ceramics, generally 550-600mpa. Generally, adding porcelain powder and zircon powder can improve the hardness of glaze.

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