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Are discolored ceramic mugs poisonous?

March 16, 2022

The color changing cup is magical and fun. Many children have no resistance to them. Maybe you can't help feeling excited when you walk by, but the following questions may appear in your mind. Is the discoloration Cup poisonous? Is it safe to drink water from a discolored glass? Is there any harm?

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1. The color changing ceramic cup does contain chemicals, but it can't be said to be toxic. They contain only a small amount of harmful substances and generally do not work unless they are processed manually. The heat transfer process is adopted. A layer of transparent resin flower paper with special requirements must be sprayed on the surface of ceramic crafts. Generally, special sublimation ink is printed on inkjet or special paper by printer. Thermosensitive color changing ink is also called "reversible temperature changing colorless ink" because its color changing process is reversible.

2. Ceramic color changing cup and glass color changing cup can be divided into thermal color changing, cold color changing and water color changing. When the temperature of thermal discoloration is above 40 ℃, the temperature of cold discoloration Cup is below 20 ℃, and the discoloration of water is not popular. Their principle is to print temperature sensitive materials on the cup body. The materials used are thermal sensitive materials, which can withstand high temperature of 320 ℃, non-toxic, lead-free and chromium free.

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