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Cup selection of different teas

March 16, 2022

As a tea set, tea cup is always combined with tea to reflect the spirit and beauty of tea. In the development process of tea cups from ancient times to now, the mouth of tea cups has experienced alternating changes of straight mouth, opening and bell mouth. The belly of the cup is shallow or deep, large or small, the bottom of the cup is full or not, the body of the cup has ears or no ears, or one or two ears. The color and decoration techniques of tea cups are even more strange.

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1. Selection of flower tea cup

Porcelain, cover cup, pot Cup Set

2. Selection of green tea cup

When brewing, select the one with thin wall, easy heat dissipation, dense texture and small porosity, such as glass, thin porcelain cup, etc.

3. Selection of black tea cup

Black tea should be brewed with white porcelain and soup should be drunk with glass, which is convenient to set off its three characteristics of "precious light, golden halo and red soup". A cup, cup, bowl or coffee pot made of white glazed purple sand, white porcelain, red glazed porcelain and warm colored porcelain.

4. Selection of black tea cup

Black tea can be brewed or boiled. When matched with ceramic tea set or coarse sand purple sand tea set, the bad taste formed in tea storage can be eliminated by the adsorption of tea set, making the advantage of black tea more prominent.

It is very important to choose the right cup for different tea and use the right brewing method to make the best tea flavor.

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