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Making process of ceramic vase

March 15, 2022

In daily life, many people like vases. If they are placed indoors as decorations, they will have a full sense of literature and art, and the level of interior decoration has also been improved a lot. So, what is the manufacturing process of ceramic vase?

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1. Process requirements

After making ceramic vases with decals, spray paint on the surface, then paste decals, and finally spray varnish to protect the flowers from falling. The matte surface of the ceramic vase is sprayed with matte paint, and some are semi gloss paint.

2. Kiln temperature requirements

High temperature ceramic vase is made of ceramics. The temperature is above 800 degrees. It has a certain hardness and a clear sound. The pattern on the high-temperature ceramic vase is hand drawn and colored before glazing. The most obvious difference between high-temperature ceramic vase and medium and low-temperature ceramic vase is water absorption. The water absorption of high-temperature ceramic vase is less than 0.2%. The product is easy to clean, will not absorb peculiar smell, and will not cause glaze cracking and local water leakage. The kiln temperature below 1200 degrees belongs to low temperature, 1200 degrees belongs to medium temperature, and 1300-1350 degrees belongs to high temperature.

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