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Key points of buying coffee set

March 14, 2022

There are generally two kinds of coffee cups: ceramic cup and ceramic cup. When buying coffee cups, you can choose the type of coffee and how to drink it. Coffee utensils are high-grade ceramic utensils, which are used for making coffee, cocoa, malt milk, milk powder, cold drinks, etc. Commonly used are a pot, six cups, six plates, a sugar cone, a milk cone and 15 sets of coffee.

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When selecting, please note:

1. The cup mouth is larger than the ordinary cup and the cup body is lower. This makes it easy to stir and wash with a spoon.

2. The capacity of the cup should be about 160 ml, which can dissolve a box of coffee tea that is neither strong nor weak.

3. The pot body, lid and sugar bowl shall be closely connected to prevent the liquid from being polluted or the sugar cube from being damp.

4. The color of coffee clothes should not be similar or similar to that of furniture, because coffee clothes are generally placed on or inside the food cabinet to avoid being drowned by the color of furniture.

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