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What is the difference between fine ceramics and traditional ceramics?

March 14, 2022

Ceramics are very common in life. Ceramics can be used not only as decorations, but also as building materials. When ceramics are used as building materials, they can be divided into fine ceramics and traditional ceramics. So, what is the difference between fine ceramics and traditional ceramics?

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1. On raw materials

It breaks through the boundary that traditional ceramics take clay as the main raw material and special ceramics take oxide, nitride and carbide as the main raw material.

2. In terms of composition

The composition of traditional ceramics is determined by the composition of clay, so ceramics from different producing areas and kilns have different textures. Because the raw materials of special ceramics are compounds, and the composition is determined by manual proportion, the performance is determined by the purity and process of raw materials, not by the place of origin.

3. In terms of preparation technology, it breaks through the limitation of traditional ceramics with kiln as the main production means, and widely adopts vacuum sintering, protective atmosphere sintering, hot pressing, hot static pressing and other means.

4. In terms of performance, special ceramics have different special properties and functions, such as strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, insulation, magnetism, electricity and other special functions, making them widely used in high temperature, machinery, electronics, aerospace, medical engineering and other fields.

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