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How do you seal the jar?

March 13, 2022

Glass sealed tank transparent, easy to clean, good chemical stability, does not pollute the content, high air tightness, excellent storage performance. They can contain a variety of materials in quantitative quantities and are widely used in beverages, alcohol, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. So, how do glass sealing cans seal?

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1. Prepare a glass jar and wipe the inside with a dry cloth.

2. Place the prepared food in a glass jar, remove plastic wrap and seal. The sealing position is about 2-4 cm away from the bottom of the bottle, with 4-6 layers of plastic wrap.

3. Get a long, thin rubber band or string and tie it around the neck of the bottle. The rope can be played 7-8 times.

4. Place the cap on the top of the bottle, turn to the left, and tighten it until it does not move.

5. Place the jar in a cool, ventilated place, away from direct sunlight.

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