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Precautions for purchasing ceramic tableware

March 12, 2022

Ceramic tableware is easy to clean and acid and alkali resistant, which is convenient for high-temperature disinfection and steaming, boiling, burning and baking food. The high-grade ceramic ware with beautiful shape and exquisite decoration is not only practical, but also artistic and ornamental. This is a necessity of daily life.

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(1) Appearance quality.

Consumers can check the product name and grade indicated on the product packaging box or the certificate in the box; Secondly, the actual quality of products can be observed with the naked eye. When purchasing, try to choose products with no obvious defects on the surface and regular shape. For dish and bowl products, several products with the same specification and size can be stacked together and the distance between them can be observed. The uneven distance indicates that the shape of the product is irregular and the deformation is large. For a single product, it can be placed flat or buckled back on the glass plate to see whether it matches the glass plate, so as to judge whether it is deformed. For porcelain products, you can hold them in your hand and tap the edge of your mouth with your fingers. If it makes a hoarse sound, it means there is a crack.

(2) Colored porcelain products. The surface of medium glaze and underglaze ceramics looks very smooth, with glass luster, and feels as smooth as glass by hand. Because there are pigments on the surface of the glaze layer, there is an obvious concave convex feeling when touched by hand, and the surface of the product is rough by naked eye.

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