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Exquisite and simple ceramic tea set

March 12, 2022

China has a wide variety of tea sets with beautiful shapes, both practical and artistic. For many people, tea set is not only an artifact, but also a beautiful connection in life and a way to decorate space, so it is loved by everyone.

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Ceramic tea sets occupy a large proportion in tea sets. Due to their moderate price, they are more popular in ordinary people's homes. It can be divided into porcelain tea set, fine pottery tea set, painted pottery tea set, etc. The glaze is as delicate as ice. Tea sets have unique shapes, some exquisite and elegant, some dignified and elegant, giving people a very beautiful visual experience. In addition to using traditional techniques such as relief and carving, there are also delicate and bright colors on the glaze. Colored pottery tea sets have rich and colorful glaze, rich and pure colors, pleasing to the eye and full of fun. Ceramic tea sets have four bowls and one pot, six bowls and one pot, and some with trays. It has good cold and heat resistance, strong practicability, rich shapes and diverse styles. Both ancient and modern, suitable for more people's taste.

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