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Precautions for purchasing ceramic vases

March 12, 2022

Ceramic vase is a common ornament in modern home decoration. The texture of ceramic vase has a great relationship with the manufacturer's manufacturing technology. What should we pay attention to when buying ceramic vases? How to pay attention?

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1. When choosing ceramic vase ornaments, do not choose those with color decoration on the glaze, especially those with color painting on the ceramic inner wall. You can choose some ceramic vases with in glaze color or underglaze color.

2. After buying the ceramic vase, it is suggested to boil it with the vinegar we usually drink and soak it for several hours, so as to remove the harmful substances on the ceramic and reduce the potential harm of the ceramic to the human body.

3. Check the appearance and shape of the ceramics and whether there are spots, damages, bubbles, mottled, thorny or even cracks on the surface. Such ceramic vases have quality problems.

4. When selecting gold and silver decoration on the surface, you can rub the decoration with your hand to check whether it will fade. What doesn't fade is true.

5. Knock gently on the ceramic vase, and the crisp sound is authentic.

6. When selecting ceramic vase ornaments, pay attention to whether the glaze color of the ceramic surface is coordinated with the gloss of the picture.

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