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Importance of daily ceramic design

March 11, 2022

Due to the assembly line industrial production of modern household ceramics, the good and bad are intermingled, and the selectivity and elimination of products are becoming greater and greater. People's demand for artistic daily-use ceramics is increasing, and the products are facing fierce competition and challenges. Therefore, the design concept of "practical, economic and beautiful" of traditional daily-use ceramics needs to be updated, new contents need to be added, and a scientific, systematic and artistic concept suitable for the development of the times needs to be established to coordinate modern daily-use ceramics.

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The decoration of modeling itself is very important in ceramic art design. For practical ceramics for daily use, on the premise of meeting the function, we should pay attention to the adjustment of structural proportion and the change of lines. This is different from the design of furnishing art ceramics. Furnishing Art Ceramics pay attention to the modeling itself. Subtle structure, glaze color and decoration skills will produce different effects, which also determines that the artistic effects pursued by furnishing art ceramics and daily-use ceramics are different. There are many influencing factors, including the rationality of functional design, the application and exertion of materials and technology. The modeling and decoration of daily-use ceramics are a whole and cannot be designed in isolation. To establish the concept and application of overall design, we must consider the characteristics of modeling, refer to the requirements of modeling, decoration and fitting surface, and achieve a unified and harmonious effect.

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