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Color concept in daily ceramic decoration

March 11, 2022

In the daily ceramic decoration design, pay attention to the visual feeling of texture and color, analyze the color characteristics of ceramic vessels in decoration, further expand the designer's innovation through the color concept, make the ingenious combination of art and emotion, and add an artistic sense to the decorative color.

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With the introduction of color and decorative elements, the importance of ceramic decoration has gradually changed. Combined with the theory of color psychology, it is concluded that the research on ceramic color decoration has important theoretical guiding significance. Many scholars generally believe that ceramic decoration should be innovative, skillfully combine art and culture, and express people's feelings about ceramics through the use of color. The result is relatively perfect. The importance of decorative application of color in ceramic art can not be ignored. For daily-use ceramics, in addition to the basic practical functions, decoration is the primary factor to strengthen the overall modeling, or under certain conditions, rely on modeling to express the decorative significance.

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