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How to use the thermos correctly?

March 11, 2022

Thermos can keep warm or cold. The newly bought thermos can only be used after cleaning. Usually use white vinegar and hot water at 50-70 ℃ to clean the inner wall of the thermos. After repeated several times, the vinegar flavor can be removed with water.

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1. Before using the insulation pot, pour a small amount of boiled water or cold water into the pot for preheating or precooling, then pour the water out, and then pour it into boiled water or ice water to improve the insulation effect of the insulation pot. After the thermos pot is filled with boiling water or cold water, the cup cover must be pinched tightly to prevent the product from shaking or tilting.

2. When the thermos pot is filled with water, the water shall not be too full, otherwise the water will overflow when the cup cover is tightened.

3. Rotate counterclockwise when the cover is open and clockwise when the cover is closed.

4. The insulation pot needs to be dried if it is not used for a long time to ensure that there is no water stain in the pot, which will destroy the insulation effect.


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