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The influence of tea culture on the shape of ceramic tea set

March 10, 2022

Tea set is one of the important contents of tea culture, its occurrence and development, like other daily food utensils, experienced a process from scratch, from common to special, tea culture must be combined with Chinese culture to talk.

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As an important carrier of tea culture, tea set is an important gestational stage in this period. The cultural roots of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism and the social background of national integration have provided rich nutrition for the development of tea set art, making tea culture from the very beginning with the characteristics of the unification of utensils civilization and The inheritance of Chinese civilization. Tea culture is a small miniature of Chinese culture, which only covers a part of Chinese culture. People's choice and use of ceramic tea sets is closely related to the tea drinking style of The Times and local tea drinking customs. Ceramic tea sets also reflect people's knowledge and understanding of tea science, tea nature and tea culture.

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