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What kind of mug can be heated in the microwave?

A mug is a cup with a large handle. It is usually used to hold hot drinks, such as milk and coffee, in western countries. Its name is mug, transliteration. This cup is made of ceramics, glass, plastic and so on, and it is quite diverse. What kind of material can be heated in the microwave?

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1. Glass Mug

For glass mugs, glassware made of glass ceramics, borosilicate glassware or ceramic glassware can also be used because of its relatively high temperature resistance. Choose a glass mug with a smooth surface instead of a concave convex shape. Mug is characterized by large mouth, so it is more suitable for microwave oven.

2. Ceramic mug

Be careful not to use ceramic cups decorated with metal, otherwise the metal will produce electric sparks in the microwave oven, which will not only damage the oven body, but also heat food, and may even lead to fire. If the ceramic cup has cracks, don't put it in the microwave oven. Because the temperature of the microwave oven used to heat food is about 100 degrees, generally, the underglaze color mug with patterns will not cause much damage, but it is best to choose the underglaze color Mug without patterns in contact with food.

3. Plastic Mug

What can be put into the microwave oven must be a high temperature resistant plastic mug. You can directly choose a plastic mug that can use a microwave oven or one marked with the words microwave oven, PP, PP + PS, etc. It is harmless and safe to use in microwave oven.

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