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Aesthetic analysis of daily ceramics

March 09, 2022

Daily ceramic products attract people's attention because of their bright colors, beautiful shapes, easy cleaning and other advantages. They not only realize the use value, but also give people the appreciation of beauty, that is, aesthetic value. In addition to paying attention to practicability, modern daily-use ceramic design should also reflect the characteristics of the combination of modern design culture and modern ceramic culture in appearance.

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On the basis of inheriting the tradition, daily-use ceramics integrate other forms of artistic expression into daily-use ceramic design to meet the aesthetic taste of contemporary people. At present, the main decoration method of daily ceramics is decal paper, most of which are overglaze color decal paper. Colorful daily-use ceramics are easy to decorate and put on the dining table at home or restaurant, which plays a role in visual beauty and taste temptation. From the perspective of spirit and culture, color is regarded as the projection of people's mind and feelings. Successful color selection should closely combine various factors such as the beauty of color and the practicability of products to achieve a highly unified effect.

 High grade daily-use ceramic utensils with beautiful shape and exquisite decoration are not only practical, but also artistic and ornamental. They have become works of art that light up daily life. In addition to meeting the practical needs of consumers, daily-use ceramic products should also meet their aesthetic needs. Therefore, it is also a meaningful form and cannot be separated from the aesthetic category.

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