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Why choose ceramic cup instead of glass for tea?

March 09, 2022

The price of glass is relatively affordable and suitable for the public. Generally, ceramic cups are often used on important occasions. Why drink tea with ceramic cups instead of relatively affordable glasses? What causes people to choose to buy ceramic cups?

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1. Aesthetic and ceremonial considerations

Drinking tea with ceramics is often divided into host and guest. The master's cup is relatively large, and drinking tea with a glass is usually made in the office. You can add it after drinking it yourself. Ceramics contain culture, and the decoration and modeling of ceramic cups represent aesthetics and etiquette. The low-end glass is generally used for meetings, followed by the paper cup.

2. Safety

In winter, glass is easy to explode, with high density and fast heat conduction. It is very difficult and easy to be scalded or injured by glass. Even if the ceramic is broken, it is easy to clean. If the glass is broken, there will be a lot of glass slag.

3. Nutritional value

Different containers have different flavors. The ceramic has low density and good heat preservation effect. If a glass is used, the tea will be heated and cooled quickly. Ceramic cup tea will be brewed more times and taste much better. The tea made of glass is very strong.

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