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Practical functions of daily ceramics

March 08, 2022

The characteristics of practical daily-use ceramics different from other artistic ceramics are also the primary basis and premise of modern daily-use ceramic design. In the design of daily-use ceramics, if practicability is not considered, the significance of design will be lost. The design of daily-use ceramics should first clarify what it is used for, how to use it and who to use it. It should be linked with users, living environment, lifestyle, use requirements and habits, so as to create material products that people need.

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1. Household ceramics not only have reasonable and meaningful practical functions, but also have a close relationship with the user's living environment, or directly act on the people in this environment. People hope that a daily-use ceramic product will be more and more convenient and reasonable to use, which is precisely the requirement for the practical function basis of daily-use ceramics and the basis of people's aesthetic concept.

2. The perfect presentation of the practical functions of daily-use ceramics depends on the following two factors: first, the design of modern daily-use ceramics should make full use of the endless stream of new materials, study and reflect the characteristics of new materials and develop new products. Second, the design of daily-use ceramic products should meet the process requirements of modern mechanized mass production, and make full use of increasingly advanced science and technology as the basic driving force for the production of daily-use ceramics with more practical functions.

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