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How to repair the crack of ceramic vase?

March 08, 2022

Ceramic vase ornaments are made of high-quality ceramic materials. Firing at high temperature makes the vase more solid. The ceramic vase I bought broke accidentally. It's a pity to throw it away at this time. But is there any way to repair the crack? How to repair the vase without wasting it?

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1. Purchase professional ceramic caulking agent for caulking.

2. Fill the joint with glass glue.

3. It can be repaired with toothpaste.

A gently squeeze out some toothpaste and evenly smear the toothpaste on the gap with your fingers.

B wipe off the excess toothpaste around with a cloth or paper towel. After completely drying, the ceramic vase looks like a new one.

4. If the vase is colored, buy toothpaste of the corresponding color, or add gouache pigment into the white toothpaste, and the effect of smearing the gap of the ceramic vase is also good. Cracks and scratches on the ceramic surface can also be repaired with white toothpaste. If you apply it a few more times, the scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile will disappear.

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