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How does bone china keep bright?

March 08, 2022

Bone china is a very precious and high-end variety. Many people are delighted to have a set of bone china tableware in their hands. How to keep the luster of bone china when you buy it home?Is there any way to keep it bright?

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1. Selection of cleaning tools

Some people often like to wash Bone China in a dishwasher, which is inappropriate. Bone china is very precious. The dishwasher will be damaged accidentally. The best way is hand washing, or hand washing with a rag.

2. Precautions during cleaning

Care should be taken to avoid collision between two pieces of Bone China and damage the edge of Bone China. In addition, when cleaning, hold it firmly to prevent bone china from falling on the ground. After cleaning, wipe the water dry with a dry cloth.

3. Cleaning supplies: vinegar.

Some people often use Bone China to make tea cups. We all know that tea leaves are the easiest thing to leave tea stains, and tea stains are not easy to clean, so it's best to clean them in time after drinking tea every day to avoid the accumulation of tea stains. Over time, vinegar can be used to help clean. Vinegar can easily dissolve tea stains and restore the luster and cleanliness of tea cups.

4. Maintenance product: toothpaste

In use, it is inevitable to cause some slight damage to porcelain products, such as scratches. Although these scratches are small, they will also affect the overall beauty. This kind of scratch can be solved with toothpaste.

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