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How to choose casserole?

Casserole is a traditional cooker. Many people like to use casserole to make soup, stew and casserole, which can not only keep warm, but also release the taste of food to the greatest extent. There are so many casseroles on the market, how to choose?

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1. Look at the material: good casseroles use fine ceramic material, mostly white color, high surface glaze, uniform brightness and good thermal conductivity.

2. Look at the results: a good casserole has reasonable structure, flat arrangement, round body, smooth inner wall, no prominent sand particles, and tight cover buckle.

3. Listen to the sound: it's best to tap the pot with the pot cover or coin to make it clear, bright and crisp. When identifying, you can turn the pot upside down, put your fingers against the center of the concave surface and tap it gently with a hard object. The louder the pot, the greater the finger vibration, the better. If there is a hoarse voice, it means that the casserole has cracks. It's best not to buy it.

4. Fill the casserole with enough water and check the quality when purchasing.

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