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How to distinguish the quality of glass tea set?

March 07, 2022

The quality of glass tea set is distinguished by sensory and hand feeling. The quality of glass cannot be measured by our naked eyes. The tea cup is mainly upright, with a round mouth, smooth and flat top and uniform thickness. It is a good cup. So, how can we better distinguish the quality of glass tea sets?

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1. Quality

When buying a glass tea set, we can see its quality, and the quality can also be carefully observed with the naked eye. Some manufacturers will sell a set of glass tea sets at will without considering the quality problems in the production process. Of course, such glass tea sets are also relatively cheap in price. It depends on your choice. High cost performance, few choices, acceptable quality. If you want to use more high-quality tea sets, choose better places.

2. Materials

Its materials are also graded. For example, the price of soda lime glass will be cheaper, and the price of crystal glass will be higher. But generally speaking, people choose more crystal glass materials because it has a higher level of health and can make many tea lovers drink tea at ease.

3. Processing technology

In terms of processing technology, it is also more important. If the technology is relatively low, the glass tea set produced is not very advanced. If you buy glass tea sets, you also need to know the processing technology. Only by understanding these situations will you not let yourself step on the pit.

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