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Is the new bone china cup poisonous?

March 07, 2022

What is bone china? It has already appeared in our daily life, but we don't know it is bone china. Is it harmful to our health? Its essence is a kind of white porcelain. By adding different proportions of raw materials to the porcelain blank, the sintering temperature, deformation, water absorption and light transmittance of traditional porcelain are affected, and a new material with similar appearance quality and better internal quality is formed.

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1. New bone porcelain is a kind of porcelain made of synthetic chemical ingredients instead of natural bone powder. It is a kind of high white porcelain. Because it does not contain natural bone powder, new bone china is not bone china, but porcelain. The reason why it has certain light transmittance is that there is tricalcium phosphate contained in natural bone powder in the synthetic chemical composition.

2. It is not recommended to buy new bone porcelain, because the raw material is chemical composition rather than natural bone powder, which is bad for human body. It is suggested to buy Porcelain through formal channels. New bone porcelain can be distinguished according to the characteristics of top bone porcelain. The most obvious is the new bone porcelain. The light transmittance is partially transparent, very small, and other parts are completely opaque. The visual effect is very dark, coupled with colorless lighting, light color is yellow, etc.

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