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The difference between white porcelain and bone porcelain

March 06, 2022

White porcelain is a kind of plain white porcelain made of porcelain clay and glaze. It contains little iron. It is characterized by white body. It is a major classification of Chinese traditional porcelain and the traditional porcelain of the Han nationality. Its simple and elegant characteristics are deeply loved by people.

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Compared with bone porcelain, white porcelain is thicker, translucent is translucent, not as good as high-quality bone porcelain. High-quality bone porcelain is transparent and very beautiful under the light. High quality Bone China refers to bone china with bone powder content of more than 45%. At present, the content of bone powder of the best Bone China in the world is 51%. The color of Bone China is milky white of natural bone powder. The higher the content of bone powder, the whiter the color, while the lower the content of bone powder, the bone porcelain will turn yellow. secondly. White porcelain is high-temperature porcelain and bone porcelain is medium temperature porcelain, so the porcelain quality of white porcelain is relatively denser. White porcelain collides with each other without echo. Of course, the longer the echo time, the better the bone china.

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