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Formation and prevention of pinhole in ceramic cup

March 05, 2022

Pinhole is a very common quality problem in ceramic cup manufacturing. Especially the ivory glazed ceramic cup, the pinhole problem is more serious. So what are the reasons for the pinholes on the ceramic cup? How to prevent?

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There are probably three reasons for pinholes on ceramic cups:

1. The molding die is too wet;
2. The mud is too viscous;
3. Grouting speed is too fast.

1. If it is a mold problem, it is necessary to consider whether the mold is used too quickly, whether it is a natural weather problem, whether it is a problem of indoor drying equipment, or whether the mold reaches the use limit and needs to be replaced with a new mold.

2. If it is a mud problem, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various reasons to solve the problem. The viscosity of the mud is not necessarily caused by the lack of water or the proportion of other raw materials when grinding the mud, but may be due to the changes of weather, temperature and other reasons, which affect the viscosity of the mud. Therefore, we should comprehensively consider and solve the problem from all aspects.

3. The grouting speed shall also be comprehensively analyzed according to the specific environment, temperature and other factors.


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