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Why is bone china transparent?

March 05, 2022

Bone China, as a world recognized high-grade porcelain, naturally has its unique characteristics different from other porcelain, such as environmental protection porcelain, health care porcelain and so on. It has light texture, warm color and delicate porcelain. Light and thin means that compared with other porcelain of the same thickness, it is lighter but harder, which is why it is so vivid.

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The permeability of Bone China is inseparable from natural bone powder, which is the main raw material for making bone china. The main component of natural bone meal is tricalcium phosphate. The calcium oxide formed in the firing process of bone porcelain makes the color of bone porcelain milky white, and the phosphorus contained in it makes the fired bone porcelain have special luster and appear transparent. The higher the content of natural bone powder in Bone China, the less the clay content, and the lower the adhesion of green body, so it can not be drawn. Generally, it is produced in batch and is easy to burst during firing, which is also one of the reasons for the high price of Bone China.


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