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Maintenance method of ceramic household ornaments

March 04, 2022

Various materials and types of home furnishings are deeply loved by modern people in the process of home decoration. How do ceramic home furnishings need to be maintained in the process of use? How can we ensure that ceramic home decoration crafts last for a long time?

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1. New home furnishings should be soaked in clean water first. When cleaning the surface with detergent, wipe the water on the ceramics with towel, and then pack it. The box should be full of foam. Ceramic ornaments should be properly tightened in the box to avoid extrusion.

2. Ceramic ornaments are generally fragile and should be protected against shock, extrusion and collision. When appreciating porcelain, be careful not to collide or fall, and try not to touch it with sweaty hands.

3. When washing oil stains, we should master certain skills and methods: the general stains on ceramic ornaments can be washed with alkaline water, soap and washing powder, and then washed with clean water.

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