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What colors can't be printed on ceramic cups?

March 03, 2022

The colors printed on the ceramic cup are ceramic special pigments ground from porcelain clay raw materials. These pigments are completely different from the pigments printed on paper, so they can not be completed on the ceramic cup that can be printed on paper. Especially after the ceramic cup is pasted, the process of high-temperature baking flowers should be completed, so that some colors change or deviate during high-temperature baking flowers, and finally can not meet the initial expectation.

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The first is bright colors, such as pure pink, rose red, etc., It can be printed on printed paper, but the color will lighten or change when it is baked at high temperature. These colors can also be made by baking flowers at low temperature, or they can show their original colors. The baking temperature of low-temperature fancy paper shall not exceed 180 ℃. At this temperature, if the toner does not volatilize completely, it will cool down and any color printed on the flower paper can be retained. Because 180 ℃ can not reach the melting point of ceramic glaze, ceramic glaze can be fired without any change, and can not penetrate into the glaze and cover the surface of ceramic cup. This kind of baked flower is incomplete, and the color will fade when washing the cup normally. Although porcelain toner retains its bright effect when baking flowers at low temperature, some chemicals will remain due to the incomplete volatilization of the toner, which will more or less affect people's health when using the cup.

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