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What's the difference between a single glass and a double glass

March 03, 2022

Glass can be divided into single layer, double layer, crystal glass, etc. Double glass, as the name suggests, means that the glass is made in two layers, while single glass is the opposite. Two layers of glass and one layer of glass are the most intuitive difference.

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1. In terms of manufacturing process

It is easy to use high temperature resistant and high-quality silicon glass, which is not easy to adapt to high temperature changes. The double-layer glass has a strong thermal insulation layer, and the outer layer of the glass has an air outlet. In order to help exhaust gas and prevent glass deformation and cracking, seal the hole after fabrication. If it is in a vacuum, the broken glass will make a loud noise, which will blow up the broken glass and hurt people easily.

2. In terms of thermal insulation effect

The heat insulation effect of double-layer glass is better than that of single-layer glass. The double-layer glass adopts double-layer heat insulation structure, which reduces the thermal conductivity of the glass. It is not only not hot, but also has a certain thermal insulation effect. There is no heat insulation design in the middle of single-layer glass, so the heat dissipation is faster, and the hot water will feel very hot.

3. In terms of capacity

With the same volume, the capacity of single layer is larger and that of double layer is smaller.

4. Different usage

Most double-layer glasses produced by glass manufacturers are equipped with filter tea sets, which are suitable for people who like tea. Single layer glass is mainly used for drinking water or cold drinks.

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