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Difference between synthetic bone meal and natural bone meal

March 03, 2022

Bone china is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world. The bone powder content of the best Bone China in the world is 51%. Generally, the higher the content of bone powder, the higher the cost of raw materials and the higher the content of bone powder, the porcelain body is easy to burst in the firing process of clay brick. Expensive bone powder raw materials and firing costs make bone porcelain more expensive. Now it is also found that synthetic bone powder is better than natural bone powder. In the sense of proper name, porcelain made of synthetic bone powder is not bone porcelain.

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1. Natural bone meal: the bones of herbivores are cooked, degreased, air dried, calcined and ground. Animal bone powder is the best, because the color of bone porcelain fired with bovine bone powder is whiter, and the color of other fired bone porcelain is yellow. Of course, the relative transparency and hardness of bovine bone powder are better.

2. Synthetic bone powder is made by neutralization reaction of calcium hydroxide and phosphoric acid and calcination at high temperature. However, many people call it new bone china.

3. Synthetic bone powder must have its significance. The cost of natural bone powder, the raw material of Bone China, is relatively high, while the content of bone powder is high, the content of clay raw material will be less, the plasticity of green body will be lower, it is easy to deform or burst during firing, and the process is more difficult.

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