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Reasons for the popularity of bone china tableware

March 02, 2022

The scientific name of bone porcelain is bone porcelain, which is mainly made of herbivore bone powder, clay, Yingshi, feldspar and other raw materials through three firing processes: high-temperature plain firing, low-temperature glaze firing and decal firing. According to the different content of bone powder in bone porcelain raw materials, it can be divided into high-quality bone porcelain and ordinary bone porcelain. It can be called bone china, and the raw material contains at least 25% natural bone powder; Those that can be exported abroad contain at least 45% bone meal, which is also the threshold of high-quality bone meal.

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The reason why bone china tableware is so popular is that it is a "great beauty", known as "thin as paper, white as jade, bright as a mirror and ringing as a chime". Although such adjectives are used to describe China's exquisite porcelain, Bone China will not refuse at all. The color of high-quality Bone China is cream yellow of natural bone powder, white slightly yellow, and the white glaze without reinforced porcelain is bright. Bone china tableware has a unique visual sense of cleanliness, and it also has a sense of ceremony when placed on the table at home. Transparent and free of impurities. The weight of Bone China is lighter than that of ceramics of the same thickness. Bone china tableware is also very easy to clean (low water absorption), and the oil stain can only be washed with warm water.

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