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Can a double glass be printed?

March 02, 2022

In daily life, more and more people like to use double-layer glass, which is not only transparent and beautiful, but also convenient to use. The double layer is stronger, stronger and more insulated. Some people will like their favorite styles and add their favorite patterns to make themselves more attractive. I can't put it down. At this time, many people will ask, can the design be printed on the glass? The answer is yes.

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On a double-layer glass, there are many ways to print patterns: heat transfer, adhesive and so on. When using these methods to print patterns on double-layer glass, we should pay attention to some problems.

1. When cleaning the glass, you should clean the double glass at least once a day. When cleaning the cup, you should not only clean the mouth, bottom and body of the cup, but also deposit and accumulate a large amount of bacteria and dirt if the cup wall is not cleaned frequently, especially the bottom. If you get a lot of dust during cleaning, squeeze the ointment on the brush and brush it back and forth in the cup.

2. Don't use too much warm water. The pattern on the cup is printed by printing technology, so if the cup absorbs heat, it is necessary that you don't use too much water.

3. Avoid exposure to sunlight. If you want the customized double-layer glass to be as bright as new for a long time, you should avoid sunlight, because the glass will fade in strong sunlight. Therefore, when customized double-layer glasses with exclusive patterns will appear, we must pay attention to that the patterns printed in the future will not be damaged to a certain extent.

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