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Tips for wiping glasses

March 01, 2022

The glass is transparent and bright. It is the best cup for healthy drinking. Every time we use the glass, we find that our fingerprints are always printed on the glass, which looks a little ugly. Especially when we use the glass as a glass at home, the glass will be stained with some stains, water stains, wine stains and so on.

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1. First, make preparations, mainly including:

A basin of water, cup cloth and round tray. Take the cleaned cup out of the dishwashing room.

2. Wiping skills

a. Hold a corner of the cup cloth with your left hand, wrap the corner of the cup, and fumigate over the boiling water to produce water vapor on the cup wall.

b. Hold the cup towel with your right hand, put it into the cup, hold the cup with both hands and rotate it, and wipe the corner, wall and mouth of the cup.

C. Do not wipe with excessive force to avoid damaging the glass.

d. After wiping, check the cup against the light to ensure there is no damage, stain and water mark.

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