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How to buy hotel ceramic tableware?

March 01, 2022

When choosing ceramic tableware, do not choose overglaze decoration, especially do not paint the ceramic tableware of the selected hotel, because the ceramic tableware of this process may contain metal components such as lead, which is easy to affect people's health. Once the human body ingests a certain amount of lead, various diseases will appear, which is not conducive to the food safety of hotel management.

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1. Shape

When buying, you need to see whether the shape of the product is geometric, and avoid buying products with damage, spots and bubbles. When purchasing a complete set of ceramic products, you should check the glaze color, luster and style. Check every ceramic tableware in the hotel in advance to see if they are symmetrical and consistent in style and theme.

2. For products with special decoration, simple tests can be carried out before purchase.

For example, when choosing porcelain decorated with gold and silver, the buyer can first wipe the gold and silver decoration part of the product by hand, or at least consult and select those that do not fade. Tap can also measure quality. Before buying hotel ceramic tableware, buyers can choose to knock a few times, and the product with crisp sound is of better quality.

3. The individual shape of hotel ceramic tableware can be judged in detail.

For example, ceramic products with thin tires are taken care of in the sun or light, with a sense of permeability. Products with thin, light and uniform thickness are better, which can be selected for reference.

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