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Advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cup made by grouting technology

February 28, 2022

Grouting molding is a widely used molding method for ceramic sculpture. The so-called grouting molding process is to inject slurry into gypsum mold. Because the gypsum mold has the function of absorbing water, after the gypsum absorbs water from the mud on the inner wall, it can form the green body of the ceramic cup, and then pour out the mud in the mold that has not had time to absorb water to form the green body structure of the ceramic cup.

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1. The grouting process is a manual molding process with low production efficiency and high cost. However, the hardware used is gypsum mold, so the production cost of mold in the early stage will be much lower than that of mechanical pressing process. Therefore, many orders with small orders are usually completed through grouting technology.

2. The ceramic cup produced by grouting process is easy to deform, because the regularity of the product formed by grouting is not as good as that of mechanical pressing process, so it often deforms during firing.

3. Some special-shaped ceramic cups must be made by grouting process, such as square ceramic cup, semi-circular and oval ceramic cup, etc. The mechanical pressing technology of these special-shaped cups cannot be completed.

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