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Precautions for gift cup customization

February 28, 2022

What is a gift cup? Many people are confused about this. When friends give gifts to each other, this kind of cup is called gift cup. If you want to give different gift cups, you can choose to customize the cup, which is more meaningful. Gift cup is a way to enhance communication by giving gifts. Cups, as daily necessities, are practical items that reflect the value of gifts, without too much consideration of the preferences of the recipient.

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1. Purpose of gift

Including commercial and non-commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include giving gifts to customers, product promotion, etc. Non commercial uses include comrades in arms gathering, classmate friendship, employee welfare distribution, commemorative gifts, etc. The purpose of gift giving is different, and the customized gift cup is also different.

2. Confirmation of samples

The premise of customizing the gift cup is that the customer confirms the sample, and the manufacturer can produce it on a large scale only after the customer confirms the sample in writing.

3. Time

Be prepared in advance and don't rush.

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