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Maintenance and use of hotel ceramic tableware

February 28, 2022

The ceramic tableware in the hotel is very popular because of its various shapes and patterns, smooth feel and easy cleaning. Generally, medium and low-grade hotels and small hotels use reinforced porcelain and magnesia porcelain. Medium and high-grade hotels and star hotels usually use reinforced porcelain produced by Shandong factory and oxidized porcelain produced by Guangdong factory. So, how should I maintain and use it?

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1. Some ceramic tableware contain a small amount of components harmful to human health, including lead, cadmium or other heavy metals. Therefore, you should carefully check the use of newly purchased ceramic tableware. If the newly bought tableware is marked with lead-free and cadmium free, it must be soaked in vinegar before cooking.

2. The ceramic tableware purchased should be boiled in salt water for a while, which is not easy to break in the process of use and can prolong the service life.

3. For some high-grade ceramic tableware, avoid high-temperature cooking to prevent the product from cracking due to thermal stability. If it is a tableware with golden flowers or silk thread, don't use the microwave oven.

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