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Can bone China be made into tea?

February 27, 2022

Bone China is the only recognized high-grade porcelain in the world, and it is also a kind of environmental protection porcelain. So can you make tea with bone China dishes? The raw materials of bone China are the bone meal of herbivores and pottery materials, which are fired twice by high-temperature plain firing and low-temperature glaze firing. Bone China can also be called environmental protection porcelain, can be said to be lead-free products. In many European and American countries, the household tableware used by the upper middle class is bone China tableware.

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Manual cleaning can prolong the life of bone China and avoid damaging the porcelain. Can bones make tea? Of course, the same as ceramic, but different characteristics, lighter weight, milky white color, good insulation effect, so it is suitable for tea or hot drinks, the effect is better. When using bone China, firstly, it is healthy and does not precipitate harmful substances. Second, it is beautiful, especially cleanliness, beautiful appearance. It can also be used as an ornament when not in use. Third, ivory is easier to set off the color of the soup, but also easy to clean. So bone China is also suitable for making tea.

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