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Creative violent bear cute office coffee mug with lid ceramic mug

February 27, 2022

Cute bear mugs are made of fine porcelain with smooth glaze and cover designed to keep the water clean and moisture-proof. Four different colors, each with its own style, to choose from.Bring a different atmosphere to the table.

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Creative violent bear ceramic cup, high appearance level three-dimensional bear pattern, using healthy and safe high temperature glazing technology, bright glaze, full color, non-toxic and tasteless, let you drink every sip rest assured. Thickened integral handle, arc handle, rounded shape, comfortable grip, intimate and anti-hot. High quality porcelain is fired at high temperature, the boiling water can be directly into the microwave oven, will not burst, convenient to add color. The mouth of the cup is smooth and round, and it is very comfortable to drink. Afternoon sunshine tea, afternoon sunshine, casual coffee, full of vitality.

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