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Advantages of heat-resistant glass

February 27, 2022

Glass is widely used in our daily life. I believe many friends can see all kinds of glass every day. For example, microwave ovens and ovens in our daily life use glass, and the types of glass are also rich and diverse. However, what is heat-resistant glass? What are the advantages of heat-resistant glass?

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1. Good material: the material used for heat-resistant glass is fine and does not absorb water. The product is crystal clear, with good texture, beautiful and practical.

2. Strong performance: excellent acid, alkali and water resistance, strong corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and other chemicals, and the best chemical stability.

3. Easy to clean: heat resistant glass is easy to clean, not easy to stain, does not absorb tea flavor, and is as clean as new after long-term use.

4. Cold resistance and heat resistance: it has the characteristics of rapid cooling, rapid heating, impact resistance and non fragile.

5. Wide application: heat resistant glass can be used in green tea, black tea, flower tea, oolong tea and other tea sets, and is widely used in coffee, hotels, teahouses and other places.

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