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Characteristics of heat resistant glass

February 26, 2022

Heat resistant glass refers to glass containing boric acid and silicic acid, which has strong heat resistance and can withstand drastic temperature difference. This kind of cup is welcomed by many consumers because of its beautiful appearance, firmness and durability, non-toxic and tasteless materials and no pollution to food.

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Because the coefficient of thermal expansion of heat-resistant glass is relatively small, it is not easy to crack under rapid temperature changes. It has a series of excellent properties, such as low expansion, thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance and so on. However, the price of raw materials is higher than that of ordinary glass and the manufacturing cost is higher, so the price of heat-resistant glass is higher than that of ordinary glass and tempered glass. However, the cup made of heat-resistant glass has a high safety factor and will not explode. Heat resistant glass is resistant to high temperature impact and has strong performance in rapid cooling and heating temperature changes. The instantaneous temperature difference is - 20 ° to 150 ° C and the maximum thermal resistance is 400 ° C.

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