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How to make printed patterns on ceramic cups?

February 26, 2022

Many people will ask, when customizing ceramic cups, how are the patterns of ceramic cups made? Will the cup fade? Will it be poisonous? The so-called ceramic cup printing is what we call baked flowers. As the name suggests, the cup is fired at high temperature, and the color and pattern are baked into the cup. So, how to make printing patterns on ceramic cups?

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1. Print paper first. Flower paper is a very thin film. The pattern on the cup is printed on film. This is the process of printing paper and the premise of baking cups.

2. The decal should be flat and completely pasted on the cup. There should be no bubbles in the middle and no folds in the pattern. Otherwise, the cup is easy to explode when drinking and is baked at high temperature.

3. Roast flowers. After the cup passes through the decal paper, put the cup with the decal paper into the kiln and bake at high temperature. The key to baking flowers is the temperature, which is limited by the color of decals and the material of ceramic cups. In other words, different colors need to be baked at different temperatures to make better products.

The ceramic cup completes the whole process of flower baking and pattern printing. Both the decal layer and the various pigments printed on the film are non-toxic and harmless.

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