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Nordic matte marble coffee cup and plate set

February 25, 2022

Coffee cups and saucers, simple and generous design, surrounded by marble, add a bit of texture to life and interpret mood with style. The aestheticism of simple Nordic style reflects not only a kind of comfort returning to nature, but also an alternative pure art.

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Using healthy materials, solid color, making porcelain with heart, caring for a healthy life, let everyone rest assured to drink. Intimate capacity, just enough to drink. Handle design, beautiful appearance, easy to hold and weigh hands, pour hot water can also be easily picked up. The glaze is smooth and delicate, not easy to stain, comfortable to handle, easy to clean and take care of. The mouth of the cup is round and comfortable to drink without hurting the lips. The bottom is not glazed, which plays the role of anti-skid. In a leisurely afternoon, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy afternoon tea. The melody that reminds you of your memories is ringing in your ears.

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