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Heat transfer ceramic cup

February 25, 2022

Heat transfer is the transfer of patterns through high temperature, that is, the transfer of patterns to products. It includes many, such as the pattern printing of some clothes and mugs.The ceramic cup of heat transfer printing is generally sublimation transfer printing.

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1.  In physics, sublimation generally refers to the change process of an object from solid to gas due to temperature difference. After coating treatment, a heat transfer coating is formed on the cup, and then the ink printed in the pattern of sublimation transfer paper is sublimated and transferred to the ceramic cup at a high temperature of about 200 ℃.

2. The main characteristics of ceramic cup heat transfer technology are convenient printing, simple operation, saving human and material resources and low cost. Moreover, this technology starts quickly, which can greatly save its cost. Therefore, there are many heat transfer cups and products on the market, such as mugs, culture shirts, T-shirts with customized patterns, etc.

3. As for the heat transfer ceramic cup, because it is transferred to the layer of the cup, unlike other fired cups, the pattern and glaze are well combined, which are pasted on it, so it is obvious to touch it by hand. Of course, the edge of the pattern is more obvious, so this is the main point that heat transfer printing is different from other high-temperature porcelain and applique porcelain cups.

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