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Method for identifying ceramic tea set

February 25, 2022

China is a country of porcelain with profound ceramic culture. Once tea culture and ceramic culture collide and combine, they will complement each other and improve cultural taste. Porcelain does not absorb water and has a long sound. Ceramic tea sets are white and fired at about 1300 degrees. It can reflect the color, heat transfer and heat preservation of tea soup, will not produce chemical reaction to tea, and tea can obtain better color and aroma. So, what is the method to identify ceramic tea?

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1. Whether the glaze color of the whole tea set is evenly distributed and whether the glaze color of all tea set porcelain is evenly distributed is an important factor determining the status of a product.

2. If it is white porcelain, listen to whether the porcelain sound is clear and clear without noise. Generally, high-grade white porcelain has a crisp sound. Red porcelain depends on whether the glaze is smooth and flat and whether the surface color of red porcelain is consistent.

3. You can tap gently to hear whether the sound is clear and loud. The sound is hoarse and cracked, and the cracked ceramics are not easy to preserve for a long time.

4. Look, tea sets or porcelain are fired at high temperature, not at low temperature. If it is fired at a high temperature above 1200 ℃, some elements in the ceramic tea set will not be diluted.

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