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Why does the ceramic plate split in two from the middle?

February 24, 2022

Ceramics are the most commonly used materials in daily life, from tableware to bathroom to decoration. Have you ever seen a good ceramic plate suddenly crack from the middle and haven't fallen yet? However, this may also be a problem that many people will encounter in life. Why does the ceramic plate crack?

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Ceramic materials have many advantages, such as high hardness, easy cleaning, high temperature resistance, no harmful substances and so on. In this process, there is no escape from "fragility", especially when encountering external forces, it may be broken or intact. Each ceramic is made of different materials and bears different ultimate forces. The material is intact, but once it exceeds the limit, it will not deform, but will break directly. The stress of materials can be divided into two types. One is that when the material temperature changes, heat will be generated inside. The higher the temperature, the greater the thermal stress. The other is external mechanical stress, which is caused by knocking or falling. Under normal circumstances, the ceramic disc will still age during use, so the fracture of the ceramic disc is normal and inevitable.

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