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Are glasses poisonous?

February 24, 2022

Glass is a common object in life. Whether used as a water cup or other containers, it is crystal clear, beautiful and practical. But many people doubt the safety of this product, so we need to know whether glass is really toxic and how safe it is. How do we know?

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Glass is made of inorganic silicate. There are no organic chemicals in the firing process. There is basically no need to worry about chemicals drinking into the stomach. However, not all glasses are non-toxic. You should learn to choose the best before you can feel at ease. In general, as long as you buy glasses in some regular shopping malls, the quality can be guaranteed. This kind of glass has no side effects, and drinking water with glass will not affect the body. We know that the most popular glass on the market is crystal glass or ordinary glass, including lead-free crystal glass and leaded glass. A cup made of artificial crystals containing lead is used to hold acidic drinks, such as fruit acid, coke, honey and fruit juice. Lead ion can form soluble lead salt, which is ingested by human body with beverage or food, which is seriously harmful to health. In short, when buying, you must look at the logo and color, and buy non-toxic glasses.

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